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First road trip complete.

Just back from a week staying at Forest Holidays’ Strathyre cabins in Scotland and I have to say the Elgrand was absolutely perfect for the trip.

With the rear two seats removed there was more than enough room for four of us and all our luggage (even enough room for three girls’ shoes and clothes!).

It pulled well and had no problems with the hills we encountered, either going up or coming down them.

Over the course of the whole journey it averaged 8.6 km/l, which is about 24mpg. Pretty good for how much weight it was hauling.

Parking was easy with the rear reversing camera.

So overall I’m really pleased with it and it was the perfect vehicle for the trip.

Tigh Mor Trossachs

Don’t stop toll you get enough

With a trip to La Rochelle in France next month I thought it might make the travelling a little easier if we don’t have to stop and pay at tolls. Having to pay with card or cash is quite a faff what with the number of tolls we’ll potentially be passing through.

So thankfully Sanef in France have an automated toll system that uses a transponder stuck inside the windscreen, so all you have to do is roll up slowly to the toll, the device will beep and the barrier/lights will let you on your way. You get an invoice some time later and the fees are automatically taken from your account.

Sounds really simple and aside from a set-up fee the toll charges are the same. Happy days!

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