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Shoes strictly prohibited.

I love looking through a Japanese import to see what the previous owner(s) left behind when they moved it on.

Both Skylines had a couple of things left behind: The (I presume anyway) first petrol receipt dated around the time of first registration in Japan, coins and a couple of Picachu type stickers.

The Elgrand has so far given up the following:

  • Japanese SatNav DVD (absolutely useless outside of Japan)
  • an unknown remote control, possibly for a TV or multimedia gadget installed somewhere in the bus. Again, next to useless over here
  • a small clear plastic case
  • a small red feather with a sticker on it
  • two pairs of white cotton gloves
  • a roll of white packing tape
  • several yellow stickers inside the doors and steps saying ‘Shoes strictly prohibited’

Shoes strictly prohibited SatNav DVD Plastic Case Remote Control Gloves & Tape

Edit to add that my Son found a Japanese MiniDisc in the head unit with some cool Japanese tunes on!

Now wash your hands.

I managed to get some time with the bus tonight, having a good poke around inside it to see if any pockets were hiding anything interesting. Nothing really, apart from a non standard remote control and a red feather. Oh and a couple of pairs of white cotton gloves and a roll of white packing tape (?).

After having a good look around, playing with the switches I don’t understand and then with the seat configurations I thought I’d have a look at the rear cabin filter to see if it had been changed recently. I’ve already bought a new on in case it needs changing.

At this point I’m struggling to find the best words to describe the ‘filter’ I pulled out. I say filter, but I doubt the A/C was pulling any air through it at all. It was absolutely fucking minging. Stiff as a board. I have no idea how long it’s been in the bus.

I took a couple of pictures of the front and back but then thought it might be good to show the contrast by cutting it in half so both sides are next to each other.

It’s obvious that the ‘white’ side (lol) is the inside, the brown side is the incoming air side.

Rear Filter

Smoke. Nasty cigarette smoke. I’m ordering a front filter now.