Pivot 3-Drive Alpha Throttle & Auto-Cruise – 8 months on

Has it been eight months since installing this already? Wow, time is flying by. So, how has the Pivot been in daily use? Well, to be honest it’s been perfect and I’ve found I use it more than I expected to. Maybe this is because of my frequent trips up and down the M1 where the 50MPH limit is in place due to the upgrade to ‘smart’ motorways, or because it’s proven to be just so damned useful.

It’s position on the front display screen just above the gear knob has been spot on and I wouldn’t move it. The only improvement could be to add steering wheel controls (which aren’t available for the Pivot, only a simple on/off toggle button).

I started off using ECO mode for the first few weeks but didn’t really notice any improvement in MPG. I probably still drove the same way but just pressed the pedal further than normal. It did feel a lot more sluggish though so started using Sport mode instead.

Sport mode feels really nice and sharp (I think I’m using SP5, the fifth fastest of the seven sport modes) so it’s what I use constantly now.

I used the vehicle’s SNOW mode in the snow and ice and it did feel like it was overriding the Pivot’s setting.

So, in conclusion, it’s been incredibly useful (especially the cruise control) and I wouldn’t want to be without it now. Well worth the money.


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  1. Hi, nice to know that cruise control functioning well in your Elgrand. I have using this TC about 5 years now in my 2009 X-Trail 2.0 WITHOUT cruise control feature, because I can’t find the vehicle speed signal cable. How do you find it in your’s Elgrand? Would you find it for me for 2009 X-Trail T31 MR20DE? I have read and ask many sources, but can’t find it. Also the Nissan’s and Pivot’s engineers. Appreciate very much for such kind of help. Thank you.
    E. Riadi

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